Analysis on acoustic signal characteristics of the fatigue cracks in anchor structure of cable-stayed bridge tower

Guohao S. , Zhengxing W. , Delian K. , Mingqing B. , Yang Zh. , Fengjing Xu. , Jiazhen P.


The full size model fatigue test on the anchor structure of cable-stayed bridge tower was engaged in laboratory. The acoustic emission instrument was used to monitor the fatigue cracks continuously in the fillet of the anchorage, to investigate the acoustic signal characteristics. Through different ways of loading, the periodic variation of acoustic signals, and crack propagation parameters of the acoustic signals are obtained. By continuously monitoring of the acoustic signal of the fatigue cracks, it can be possible to find the location of the fatigue cracks, and the time it generates. According the active changes of the acoustic signals of the fatigue crack via continuous monitoring, the propagation tendency of the crack in the anchor structure of the cable-stayed bridge tower can be predicted. This method provides support for the crack detection and on-line real-time monitoring by acoustic emission.


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