Adapted split spectrum processing for ultrasonic signal in the pulse echo test

Bouden T. , Djerfi F. , Nibouche M.


In this paper, an Adaptive Split Spectrum Processing technique (A-SSP) is proposed, to improve ultrasonic echoes detection. It is an arrangement of conventional Split Spectrum Processing (SSP) with an empirical method of analyzing nonlinear and non-stationary signals, called Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD). This proposed technique allows breaking up the signal into several bands of frequencies in an adaptive way and intrinsic to the treated signal using EMD. It enables us to know the internal contents and the local changes of the ultrasonic signal and makes the detection of any desired targets more flexible for the coherent noise problem. In the combination phase of A-SSP, a linear operation for selected intrinsic mode functions and a non linear one for non selected intrinsic mode functions are used to reconstruct the signal with separated echoes. To evaluate the proposed techniques (A-SSP with different combination operations), firstly a mortar specimen with artificial defect is used to resolve the defects detection and localization problem. Secondly a paste cement specimen is also used to resolve the materials characterization problem. The signals were obtained using a technique applied in pulse-echo mode, known as the prism technique. Numerical and experimental tests were performed to verify the effectiveness and reliability of the proposed technique and to show its excellent performances.


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