Digital radiography of aluminum castings by fluoroscopy

Harara W.


Digital fluoroscope was used as digital industrial radiography system to test three flawed Aluminum castings with dimension of (100x100x100) mm 3. The digital radiographs show that, all the flaws in the three aluminum castings had been detected and their dimensions can be measured accurately. The comparison between the digital radiographs of the three aluminum castings and the digitized medium speed films radiographs of the same castings had shown that; the detection capability of flaws in the castings for the two radiography techniques were nearly identical. The sensitivity achieved by digital radiographs and by digitized films radiographs, using wire (IQI) according to EN 462-1, were W5 and W6 respectively, while The image definition achieved by digital radiographs and by digitized films, using duplex wire IQI according to EN 462-5, were 5D and 7D respectively. The results confirm that digital fluoroscopy can be applied to detect and measure flaws in relatively thick Aluminum and others light metal castings according to the requirements of the EN 444, EN 13068 and ISO 17636 class A testing.


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