Performance evaluation of digital smoothing polynomial filter in ultrasonic iris applications

Mohammed M.S. , Ki-Seong K.


The digital smoothing polynomial filter or Savitzky—Golay filter, which is assumed to be appropriate for ultrasonic IRIS applications due to its ability of conciliation between the high smoothing level and degree of peak retention, applies least-square fitting to a set of data points to a polynomial. In this study, the performance of the digital smoothing polynomial filter is evaluated in terms of signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and interface echo peaks preservation. Moreover; a multi-stage polynomial smoothing filter is proposed to take advantage of the conciliation ability of the conventional filter. The theory and experiments of the polynomial smoothing filter are explained, and analytical and graphical results are given. The evaluation results of the digital smoothing polynomial filter showed its smoothing efficiency and almost no echo attenuation. The proposed multi-stage filter gave considerable advantages.


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